Iconic hamper company misled customers

                                        Tony Watling (Santa) packs Chrisco hampers onto a truck to be sent to troops overseas.

                                        Chrisco has admitted it misled consumers about its lay-by hamper deals, forcing them to keep coughing up after the product had been paid for.

                                        Medibank slapped with $5m fine

                                        Major health insurer Medibank Private has been slapped with a multimillion-dollar fine for misleading customers.

                                        More jobs up for grabs

                                        The Queensland Government will spend $90 million to create more jobs to get the state’s workers back to work as part of the coronavirus recovery plan.

                                        Qantas hits back against flight attendants

                                        BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

                                        Australia’s major airline Qantas has hit back against claims from staff that its aircraft are not prepared for the coronavirus pandemic.

                                        Sawmill banned for stealing forest trees

                                        Generic picture, stacked timber and sawmill logs

                                        A sawmilling company and its employees stole timber worth more than $12,000 from a Queensland state forest.

                                        Wine group points to 20% earnings fall

                                        Treasury Wine Estate Wines At Company Headquarters Ahead Of Full-Year Results

                                        Penfolds owners Treasury Wine Estates has flagged a 20 per cent earnings slump as COVID-19 dampens global wine demand.

                                        Forced annual leave ‘unreasonable’

                                        Furious businesswoman shouting at work, hands raised.

                                        Through COVID-19 many Aussies have been forced to take leave but a lawyer says there are only two specific circumstances when that’s allowed.

                                        Fury over posties’ mail delay warning

                                        Australian postal worker

                                        Australia Post has slapped down claims that parcel delivery times could blow out under new regulations which could pass this week.

                                        10 words prove HomeBuilder is doomed

                                        Verification wooden structure with a spirit level.

                                        Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s controversial scheme has already been lashed by critics – but a crucial sentence has exposed its true fatal flaw.

                                        How homebuyers grant could backfire

                                        Painter man at work with a paint roller

                                        It’s supposed to boost the economy and prop up the ailing construction industry – but critics say it could end up backfiring, and badly.

                                        Big losers of ScoMo’s home reno handout

                                        Engineer technician watching team of workers on high steel platform,Engineer technician Looking Up and Analyzing an Unfinished Construction Project.

                                        If you’re building a new home or renovating, you’re probably celebrating this government plan right now – but there are some big catches.

                                        Aussie dad’s fight to see his grandkids

                                        Picture of a grandfather playing with his two grand children a five year old granddaughter and three year old grandson in the park. The old man is wearing a khaki sweater and a blue shirt with long sleeves. Boy and girl wrapped their hands around grandfather. The little girl is wearing a pink blouse and pink sweatpants and boy is wearing blue blouse. They are smiling and having fun. The lens flare is behind them.

                                        Pat lost his adult son two years ago – but now, the NSW family is being torn apart yet again due to a heartbreaking dispute over his grandkids.

                                        Postie’s ‘disgraceful’ act caught on film

                                        The driver's 'disgraceful' act was slammed. Picture: YouTube

                                        Damning footage of a parcel delivery fail has emerged, with a customer calling on Australia Post’s contractors to be “held accountable”.

                                        The land barons who own Australia

                                        Louth Farmers Continue To Feel Impact Of Drought And Alleged Murray-Darling Basin Mismanagement

                                        The big land barons who own farming and cattle properties worth billions in Australia come from a surprising number of groups and countries.

                                        ‘So lazy’: Man’s three-year Aus Post war

                                        Luke says the slip was missing key information and was "illegible". Picture: Supplied

                                        A Sydney man has faced the same “annoying” and unnecessary parcel delivery problem for years on end – and it seems he’s not alone.

                                        Heartless puppy scams soar in lockdown

                                        COVID-19 has been a hot bed for fraudulent activity with scammers targeting those in search of a furry companion. Here’s how to not get duped.

                                        $250k thankyou to essential workers

                                        Instead of advertising for phone products, this $250,000 worth of advertising space has been dedicated to Australia’s frontline workers.

                                        State's bold move on reopening pubs

                                        After being criticised for lagging behind other states’ relaxing of rules, Victoria is about to kickstart an ambitious plan to reopen pubs, cafes and restaurants.

                                        Beer o’clock comes early in the NT

                                        Restrictions Ease In Northern Territory As Australia's Coronavirus Cases Decline

                                        The first beers have been poured in Darwin as the Territory reopened pubs while in NSW queues formed outside venues from midnight.

                                        Litres of free beer headed to pubs

                                        Beer tap

                                        Outback pubs and clubs are set to open their doors for the first time and the beer tab will be picked up by one of Queensland’s best breweries.

                                        Australia Post lashed over smashed parcel

                                        The man's package arrived badly damaged.

                                        A man has lashed out at Australia Post after his expensive package arrived badly damaged saying it looked like it had been “used for a football”.

                                        Beautician’s X-rated career change

                                        Georgie, a North Queensland beautician, has swerved into sharing nudes online to make ends meet during the pandemic. Picture: Cassandra Keyes.

                                        A Queensland beautician saw her income disappear overnight when virus restrictions came in. Now she’s making almost $1000 a week.

                                        ‘Hard to do sex work from 1.5m away’

                                        Jenna Love, a sex worker from the NSW Blue Mountains. Picture: Curvateur Photo.

                                        Sex workers are concerned the Government has no plans to let them get back to one-on-one work as lockdown restrictions ease. Warning: GRAPHIC.

                                        Gym giant declares bankruptcy

                                        Gold's Gym declares bankruptcy. Picture: Instagram

                                        It was made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself – but even that’s not enough to protect this fitness empire from the coronavirus crisis.

                                        Warning over Aussie fresh milk supply

                                        Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has demanded supermarkets help dairy farmers or risk a shortage of Australian fresh milk.

                                        Restaurant meal box that keeps selling out

                                        Mr Wong's meal boxes are selling like hotcakes.

                                        One of Sydney’s most popular restaurants is helping customers whip up gourmet meals at home – but you’d better get in quick.

                                        ‘Height of laziness’: Aus Post slammed

                                        Generic pic of an Australia Post worker (postman) on his motorbike (motorcycle) in Sydney. New regulations have raised the maximum weight for the rider from 95 to 105 kilograms.

                                        Thousands of us are working from home as the coronavirus crisis rages – but many Aussies claim their parcels are still not being delivered.

                                        ‘Selfish’ parents putting teachers at risk

                                        Children's legs and feet in black shoes hanging down

                                        Australian educators are being pushed to breaking point by mixed coronavirus messages from government and the self-centred demands of parents.

                                        ’Rubbish’: Anger over petrol price rip-off

                                        Drivers are paying as much as 60c too much for petrol and Australians aren’t going to put up with paying top dollar while oil global prices plummet.

                                        Boss’s hilarious solution to loo roll crisis

                                        Picture: Facebook/Kev McCabe

                                        A business owner has found a genius way to have a bit of fun with the toilet paper apocalypse – and rake in some extra cash too.

                                        Mum ‘in tears’ over doctor surgery rule

                                        A young female doctor in a blue smock holding a phonendoscope in arms. Blurred background. Concept of medical help. 16 in 9 film crop.

                                        A Victorian woman was devastated after patients complained to staff about her. And the office’s response might have broken the law.

                                        Business hit by drought, fires and floods

                                        Amber Drop Honey was hit hard by the fires and floods

                                        An unlucky business was hit not once, not twice, but three times by natural disasters, and all within the same few months.

                                        Man’s hilarious revenge on $2.7b company

                                        UK comedian Joe Lycett has legally changed his name to Hugo Boss. Picture: Facebook/Joe Lycett

                                        Joe Lycett was so furious over the actions of a multibillion-dollar fashion empire he ended up getting the last laugh with one petty move.

                                        Aussie brand’s $600m Chinese takeover

                                        The ACCC has cleared the way. PIcture: iStock

                                        It’s a massive company behind some of our favourite milk and iced coffee brands – and it’s now set to fall into new hands.

                                        J?germeister not offensive to Christians

                                        Jagermeister bottle is best served chilled

                                        The logo comes from an old Christian tale but the judges ruled that consumers would more closely associate it with alcohol

                                        X-rated secret behind Netflix name

                                        Logo of Netflix on-demand Movie and TV streaming service app on iPhone 6 plus smart phone

                                        It’s one of the most famous companies on the planet. But Netflix was almost called something else entirely due to one awkward “connotation”.

                                        Anger as Calombaris empire collapses

                                        This post on Instagram was how Made Establishment workers were informed of the company's collapse.

                                        George Calombaris broke the news of the collapse of his restaurant empire in a heartbroken social media post – and there’s a big problem with it.

                                        ‘Devastated’: Calombaris empire collapses

                                        George Calombaris says he is “personally devastated” after placing his restaurant empire into administration following an underpayment scandal.

                                        Burger joint’s sneaky Macca’s dig

                                        Generic images, golden arches, maccas, mcdonalds, sign, big m

                                        A hidden message inside a farewell poster has revealed what a McDonald’s competitor really thinks of the famous golden arches.

                                        Burger chain under fire for ‘vegan’ claim

                                        Burger King Offers Meatless Whopper In Its St. Louis Locations

                                        Burger King claims the asterisk next to the promotion for its vegan burger disclosed to consumers the burger would not in fact be vegan.

                                        Nadal racquet up for grabs at auction

                                        Roger Federer and Ash Barty are among many auctioning off signed items to raise funds for bushfire relief efforts.

                                        Mum reveals huge Coles Stikeez clue

                                        Stikeez is coming back to Coles.

                                        It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but social media is already buzzing with the rumour that Coles plans to relaunch its popular plastic figurines.

                                        Bizarre question costs man citizenship

                                        Italian man denied Swiss citizenship for not knowing bears and wolves shared enclosure at zoo

                                        A man who had been living in Switzerland for three decades failed his test after tripping up on an unusual question about the zoo.

                                        Mysterious stickers appear in supermarkets

                                        Gags and Joe label in stores

                                        The expiry stickers have popped up on supermarket products without permission but are apparently easy to peel off and won’t cause damage.

                                        Mystery ads dominating tennis coverage

                                        If you’ve been watching the tennis you can’t have missed ads for some unfamilar brands. This is why they have been front and centre.

                                        Awkward mistake in new coin

                                        The new Brexit coin has an awkward spelling mistake

                                        The UK Government has been left red-faced after a new 50 pence coin to commemorate Brexit was released that features a punctuation error.

                                        Americans lose it over $300m Aussie hit

                                        Guzman Y Gomez Enchilada food

                                        It started as a humble hole-in-the-wall before becoming a multimillion-dollar empire. But this Aussie favourite is now taking a big gamble.

                                        Winery worker’s epic $237K mistake

                                        The worker paid the rpice. Picture: iSTock

                                        Thousands of litres of wine ended up literally going down the drain after a worker made a “careless” error. And he has paid the price.

                                        ‘Diabolic’: Local slams response to fires

                                        Billions of dollars have been pledged to help Aussies impacted by bushfires. But frustrated locals say the response has been a “monumental f**k up”.

                                        Plea from bushfire ravaged towns

                                        Fire 2

                                        Parts of the NSW are reopening for business just weeks after bushfires ravaged local lives – and livelihoods. Businesses are desperate for people to return.

                                        Big myth behind Blockbuster death

                                        SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 17: A pedestrian walks by a Blockbuster store March 17, 2010 in San Francisco, California. The struggling video rental retailer said in a regulatory filing today that it likely will file for bankruptcy if it is unable to restructure its heavy debt load. The announcement sent Blockbuster shares down 29 percent to 28 cents per share.   Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

                                        According to legend, the video rental empire crumbled thanks to one overdue copy of Apollo 13. There’s just one problem with the story.

                                        ‘Tuna King’ spends $2.6 million on huge tuna

                                        Not content with paying $1 for canned tuna, a Japanese man has spent millions on a bluefin tuna that weighs 276kg, and it’s not the first time.

                                        Simple rule behind Aussie’s $30m empire

                                        Sabri Suby worked multiple jobs as a teen to help his single mum, but now runs a $30 million company.

                                        Sabri Suby’s first job paid just $2.50 an hour, and he handed his humble wages straight to his struggling single mum. Today, he’s a multi-millionaire.

                                        From $7 wage to $250m empire

                                        Ahmed Haider and Tia Saunders who have started a textbook rental service, believed to be the first in Australia, pictured with their rental books in Ultimo, Sydney.

                                        Aussie uni dropout Ahmed Haider was slaving away on minimum wage when he launched a business that’s now worth “hundreds of millions”.

                                        Ridiculous reason behind beer can ban

                                        The censored version of the risque beer can.

                                        Christmas is a time for festive cheer and good times, but one prude chose to be the Grinch and shut down production of a Christmas-themed beer.

                                        What every parent must do by December 13

                                        Time to send the Christmas wishlists to Santa Claus because he is making a list and checking it twice and you don’t want to miss out.

                                        Fire risk as popular product ruled unsafe


                                        A wooden cladding used on hundreds of apartment buildings and popular with businesses including McDonald’s has been ruled an “undue” fire risk.

                                        ‘Disgrace’: $152 for stale supermarket cake


                                        A Harry Potter fan who forked out $152 for an immersive wizard-themed dinner says guests were served “stale Coles cake” on share plates.

                                        Family feud at heart of pizza chain collapse


                                        The founder of a failed iconic pizza chain has said she “cannot stay silent” any longer and the collapse of the restaurants that bear her name was “preventable”.

                                        Papa John’s founder slams pizza quality

                                        Papa John's CEO John Schnatter Apologizes After Using Racial Slur On Company Conference Call

                                        Papa John’s founder John Schnatter has attacked his old firm, saying he’s eaten more than 40 pizzas in 30 days and “it’s not the same”.

                                        The $300 Pornhub Black Friday bargain

                                        The Pornhub advert to sell the lifetime membership features older couples: Photo Credit Pornhub

                                        Pornhub appeals to an older demographic in their new campaign to make the “long, hard journey” of life a little more bearable.

                                        Single woman’s incredible feat in man’s world

                                        Learning the ropes of cattle breeding and finding her feet at sales was an uphill battle, especially for this single young woman.

                                        Banker’s incredible reinvention

                                        Ginny’s Stevens decided to chuck in her career as an agribusiness banker to gamble on a little idea. It paid off big time

                                        Pizza restaurant chain’s big mistake


                                        Pizza chain Criniti’s has collapsed, shuttering stores. But if it weren’t for one bad decision the family company might have stayed afloat.

                                        ‘I honestly nearly lost my life’

                                        Margy Perkuhn’s job became so difficult last year that her guilt spiralled out of control. It all came to a head at Christmas time.

                                        Saudi Arabia’s $1.71 trillion risk

                                        Saudi Arabia Riyadh landscape at Mourning - Riyadh Tower Kingdom Centre, Kingdom Tower, Riyadh Skyline - Burj Al-Mamlaka, AlMamlakah - Riyadh at Daylight - Tower View

                                        The controversial nation stands to make up to $25.6 billion from this mega sale within weeks – but will it be enough to rescue the economy?

                                        ‘School dropout’ tradie’s ‘insane’ $110m idea

                                        Mr Brown's Ferrari is his "pride and joy".

                                        When Karl Brown left high school, he was told he’d end up in jail or dead. Now his company is taking over Australia for one simple reason.

                                        $289 treatment Aussies are flocking to

                                        Australians are embracing IV vitamin drips. Picture: Instagram/@ivleaguedrips

                                        Australians are paying hundreds of dollars a pop for this surprising new “wellness treatment” – but fans say it’s worth every cent.

                                        24yo behind $378 million empire

                                        Jamie Beaton founded Crimson Education straight out of high school. Picture: Supplied

                                        Jamie Beaton started his own company at age 18 with braces on his teeth and $40 in the bank. Now, it’s worth hundreds of millions.

                                        World watches $2 trillion gamble

                                        Riyadh skyline at night #7, Capital of Saudi Arabia

                                        The world’s most profitable company has revealed the largest-ever initial public offering is just weeks away, with billions of dollars at stake.

                                        Facebook’s future survival at risk

                                        Social media giant Facebook might’ve just announced a huge, multi billion-dollar profit, but there are glaring signs that its days are numbered.

                                        Boeing wants grounded planes ‘back in the air’

                                        Boeing expects its 737 Max planes to be back in service by the year’s end as the company reports a sharp drop in third-quarter earnings due to the planes’ grounding.

                                        ‘Too good to be true’ device to save farmers

                                        Miles Research

                                        An inventor is promising this device can change the lives of farmers for $50,000 — and some say it has — but he won’t reveal how it works.

                                        White Ribbon closes down in huge debt

                                        Anti domestic violence charity White Ribbon foundation has announced the company has entered liquidation and will “close its doors”.

                                        Daycare scam ‘more disciplined’ than bikies

                                        Daily Telegraph

                                        Police say the structure of a Sydney childcare ring was more detailed, elaborate and organised than Australia’s outlaw motorcycle gangs.

                                        Crackdown on ‘moron’ vegan activists

                                        Piggie picture

                                        Farm invader activists have been labelled “morons” and “ratbags” in a heated debate in parliament, with Pauline Hanson accusing them of “killing animals”.

                                        ‘$750 million’: Childcare scam bombshell


                                        A woman suspected of being part of a $4?million family daycare fraud syndicate hurled abuse at cameras — as police made a staggering revelation.

                                        Vegan ‘covered in blood’ after farm raid


                                        A vegan activist who “rescued 16 rabbits” has been left “covered in blood” after being chased down the highway and shot at by angry farmers.

                                        Surprising item set for $3 billion boom

                                        Burger King Offers Meatless Whopper In Its St. Louis Locations

                                        It’s currently worth just $30 million, but this unlikely industry is about to explode to $3 billion, according to bold new prediction.

                                        Cops called to guard IKEA

                                        Cops guard Ikea store after 3,000 teens threaten to play hide and seek in the furniture

                                        Police have been called to guard an IKEA store after 3000 teens planned to stage a huge game of hide and seek among its furniture.

                                        Secret agency needs underground lair


                                        The US military’s secretive hi-tech weapons research agency is urgently seeking an underground lair for “research and experimentation”.

                                        Abandoned $10m pile of rubbish

                                        The collapse of a single company has created a massive pile of fetid, stinking waste at four sites that nobody wants to do anything about.

                                        Johnson & Johnson’s $844m nightmare

                                        Ruling in lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over opioid crisis

                                        The drug giant has been told to get out the chequebook and pay a staggering fine after a judge ruled it helped fuel America’s opioid crisis.

                                        Crown hits back at laundering allegations

                                        Government Orders Investigation Into Crown Casino Allegations

                                        After a horror few weeks of damaging headlines and a major profit slump, the casino empire has fired back at its critics.

                                        Taxi backlash: ‘They did absolutely zero’

                                        Taxi Driver Assault Sydney CBD

                                        This is the most annoying thing taxi drivers do to their passengers, but complaining about it seems to achieve nothing.

                                        Taxi trick driving customers mad

                                        Taxi Driver Assault Sydney CBD

                                        The taxi industry faces fierce competition from ridesharing apps, but drivers keep using this dodgy tactic that leaves passengers fuming.

                                        Owner breaks down: ‘Where does it stop?’

                                        An owner from the troubled Mascot Towers has broken down in tears when describing the pain the evacuation has caused to his family.

                                        Regulator to probe Packer’s Crown sale

                                        James Packer’s $1.76 billion sale of his shareholding in Crown resorts will be put under the spotlight in an investigation by the NSW gaming regulator.

                                        Price of stamps set for increase

                                        Vintage postal envelope with stamps

                                        The price of stamps could soon rise in an effort to keep Australia’s post offices open, in what would mark the first increase in four years.

                                        Plucky chicken shop’s win over KFC

                                        Sad Chicken Shop Owner

                                        A Melbourne shop owner hit back and won against KFC after this massive billboard appeared on the side of his family-owned restaurant.

                                        Arnott’s sold in $3.2 billion deal

                                        The beloved biscuit brand behind Tim Tams, Shapes and the controversial Monte Carlo has sold to a US investment giant in a $3.2 billion deal.

                                        Brit fears over Aussie free trade deal


                                        Hormone beef, lower food standards, “better weather” conditions and a sell-off of the NHS are among key fears outlined ahead of a free trade deal with Australia.

                                        Porn star to ‘XXXchurch’ leader

                                        2006 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

                                        Brittni De La Mora sensationally quit her exotic film career after finding God. Now she’s revealed she has scored a huge promotion.

                                        Hero tradie’s ‘crazy’ six-figure gamble

                                        Alex Taskun gave up a comfortable banking job to become a plumber at age 30. Picture: Instagram @gtplumbingnsw

                                        Alex Taskun was heading to his “secure” job when he got caught up in a brutal attack that caused him to walk away from his “six-digit salary”.

                                        Why CEO is ‘sorry’ for his product


                                        The chief executive of this company has taken the unusual step of issuing a public apology for his own highly popular product.

                                        Facebook hit with $5bn fine

                                        Facebook has been handed a $5 billion fine following the largest data scandal in its history. But some say the penalty won’t make it think twice about protecting users’ sensitive information.

                                        Another actress tragically found dead

                                        Audrey Hepburn - Beauty Beyond Beauty

                                        Actress Jeon Mi-seon has been found dead at just 48. She’s the latest in a string of victims linked to the industry. WARNING: Distressing

                                        Budget flights we want, but won’t get

                                        Supplied  London to Sydney air route - Google Maps

                                        Low-cost carriers are a huge success, but there’s some routes they may never operate on as two big airline decisions this week have shown.

                                        Mystery over missing crypto millions

                                        Gerald Cotten died suddenly in 2018. Picture: Facebook/Gerry Cotten

                                        Investigators claim cryptocurrency boss Gerald Cotten funnelled client money to his personal accounts before his sudden 2018 death.

                                        AusPost’s life-changing gesture

                                        Melbourne, Australia - Auguest 28, 2015: Sign of Australia Post outside its office in Bourke Street, Melbourne

                                        Australia Post has revealed a groundbreaking, free new service designed to help some Aussies reconnect and get back on their feet.


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