21yo woman shot in fight over ‘dog poop’

                                        Isabella Thallas' life was tragically cut short at just 21 years of age. Picture: GoFundMe.

                                        A vigil has been held for 21-year-old Isabella Thallas, gunned down and killed while she and her boyfriend were walking his dog.

                                        Supermarket’s backflip after racism debate

                                        This viral photo shows black hair products locked in a glass cabinent.

                                        After photos of two store shelves sparked huge backlash, one of the United State’s biggest retailers has made a stunning change.

                                        ‘Just smack her’: Teen bully caught on cam

                                        teenage girls involved in brawl

                                        Shocking footage has emerged of a Queensland student being repeatedly punched in the head by a fellow student in a shopping centre car park.

                                        ‘Jealous wife’ leaves neighbours shock note

                                        Supplied  Selena Hager neighbours note story. Picture: Facebook

                                        Two students were sent an anonymous letter warning of a “male predator” in the area – however its intentions weren’t what they seemed.

                                        ‘I get $433 just to drive my kids to school’

                                        The mum had been able to save a serious amount of money.

                                        An Aussie mum has revealed she earns “free money” from a little-known government-funded scheme that pays parents to take kids to school.

                                        ‘Sick’ act against bullied boy angers

                                        Bullied boy’s protest pic hit with racist remarks. Picture: Instagram / Quaden Bayles

                                        Quaden Bayles went viral earlier this year when a heartbreaking clip of him showed the reality of bullying. Now bullies have struck again.

                                        Influencer in hot water over ‘offensive’ pic

                                        Influencers have been slammed for posting blackface photos in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

                                        An Instagram model shared this photo with the caption “we are one” – but the move has been called out as wildly “disrespectful”.

                                        Chilling clue in Maddie’s disappearance

                                        A day before Maddie McCann disappeared the prime suspect in her case reportedly spoke about a “horrible job” he had to do where she was last seen.

                                        Sacked influencer reinstated after outcry

                                        Model and transgender activist Munroe Bergdorf.

                                        The UK model has been given her job back at L’Oreal three years after she was fired for condemning white supremacy demonstrations.

                                        Supermarket photo sparks racism debate

                                        The photo showed hair products for African-Americans locked in a glass cupboard

                                        At first glance it looks just like a regular supermarket shelf – but instead it’s been labelled as an example of just how much bias exists.

                                        Fitness CEO resigns over tweet backlash

                                        CrossFit stars desert the company's CEO.

                                        The CrossFit saga which saw more than 1000 gyms and influencers desert the fitness brand over a single tweet has taken another dramatic turn.

                                        Influencer pregnant with stepson’s baby

                                        Supplied  Fwd: Russian Influencer Pregnant With Younger Stepsons Baby - 3 hi
 res attached

                                        She raised him from the age of seven, but 13 years later Marina Balmasheva fell in love with her stepson – and now they’re having a baby.

                                        White Island victim’s constant struggle

                                        White Island volcano victim Stephanie Browitt. Picture: Instagram

                                        A victim in the White Island volcano disaster who lost half her family has shared a heartbreaking post six months on.

                                        Aboriginal man cops it over protest ‘myth’

                                        BLM Protest

                                        An Indigenous academic who openly opposed the Black Lives Matter protests in Australia says he copped a barrage of abuse.

                                        World’s tallest dog reaches new milestone

                                        Supplied  ONE TIME WEB USE ONLY - FEES APPLY - Freddy, world's largest Great
 Dane. Picture: Caters

                                        Freddy the great dane is celebrating another towering milestone, with the world’s biggest pooch now breaking another Guinness World Record.

                                        Woman brutally slapped in racist row

                                        woman gets slapped in face over racist comment

                                        A white woman described as a “Karen” has been filmed getting slapped in the face after she made a racist comment at a busy petrol station.

                                        Weddings to go ahead despite restrictions

                                        wedidng venue and restaurnt owners ignore restrictions

                                        Frustrated wedding venue and restaurant owners have decided to stop following the virus restrictions, with plans to lift their patron limits.

                                        Bride and groom crash protest after wedding

                                        The US couple had just tied the knot when protesters arrived – but rather than be annoyed at the disruption to their big day the couple joined them.

                                        Sick twist after woman held captive

                                        Supplied  Martha Dolak and abusive ex Michael Goodwin. Picture: North News and Pictures

                                        Martha Dolak was beaten by “monster Michael Goodwin in a 21 hour ordeal – now a horror new development has left her feeling sick. WARNING: Graphic

                                        Model’s ‘terrifying’ night with nine men

                                        An Australian model has revealed the moment she was forced to share a boarding house with a group of men, describing it as “confronting” and “frightening”.

                                        An Australian model has detailed the “frightening” night she spent with a group of men in filthy conditions during a 10-day homeless stint.

                                        Influencer lashed over protest ‘photo shoot’

                                        Influencer lashed for having protest photoshoot

                                        An Instagram model has sparked a furious reaction after admitting to using a Black Lives Matter rally as a photo shoot opportunity.

                                        Single tweet unleashes furious fitness row

                                        CrossFit star Katrín Davíesdóttir

                                        A firestorm has erupted in the fitness world, with gym owners and influencers deserting an exercise boss after he fired off an insensitive tweet.

                                        Bali tourist’s six-day horror trapped in well

                                        Supplied Editorial Brit Jacob Roberts claimed he was trapped in the well for six days
 Credit: AFP

                                        A 29-year-old man was screaming for help for six days before he was finally rescued after he fell into a well while escaping a dog.

                                        Moment cop comforts crying girl

                                        a a a a. a a a a

                                        A young African-American girl thought she was going to be killed by a Texas cop at a protest, but his reaction has gone viral.

                                        Pilot’s impressive George Floyd tribute

                                        Flight path. Picture: Dimitri Neonakis/Facebook

                                        A pilot has paid tribute to George Floyd in a powerful message by drawing a Black Lives Matter symbol in the air while flying over Canada.

                                        ‘Similar’ Aldi product baffles shoppers

                                        Coles to move into Chullorra Marketplace

                                        With near-identical packaging many shoppers were convinced the two products were the same – and were less than impressed when they realised the truth.

                                        ‘In for the kill’: Wombat terrorises family

                                        "Wombat at Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania, AustraliaRelated images:"

                                        A Dubbo family thought they were going to die when a raging wombat attacked them, but it was a trick from Steve Irwin that helped save their lives.

                                        When Kmart shelves will be restocked

                                        Brandon Park Shops

                                        The discount department store has been bombarded with complaints about empty shelves – now it has revealed when stock will return.

                                        Couple stunned by restaurant bill amount

                                        Couple stunned by restaurant bill note.

                                        When it was time to pay for their meal they were told there was “no rush” — and what they saw on the receipt floored them.

                                        ‘Terrifying’: Aussie model caught in riots

                                        Australian model Georgina Burke. Picture: Instagram

                                        The Australian model was forced to barricade herself in her bathroom as looters targeted her apartment building.

                                        Mum ‘addicted’ to soft drink dies

                                        Ms Thorpe was found dead in her home in 2018.

                                        Before her death the New Zealand mum-of-three would drink between two litres of Coke and 500ml to one litre of energy drinks every day.

                                        New Aldi measure baffles shoppers

                                        The baffled shopper took to Facebook to ask others if they knew what the stickers were.

                                        A customer who bought a stash of Aldi “Special Buys” was left confused when she got home and noticed something odd about her products.

                                        ‘Just stop talkling’: Influencer slammed

                                        Influencer and vegan activist Lauren Perez.

                                        A vegan influencer has urged people to “connect” the killing of animals and black people as the two issues are “the same fight”.

                                        Dad’s words to son he accidentally killed

                                        A father who accidentally hit and killed his son with his truck has delivered an emotional farewell to the five-year-old at his funeral in Sydney.

                                        Supermarket’s swimsuit ban sparks fury

                                        The Irish politician was kicked out of the supermarket for wearing a swimsuit.

                                        All Lynn Ruane wanted to do was buy a loaf of bread, but instead she was lashed by a store worker over her “inappropriate” outfit.

                                        Powerful image tells truth about protests

                                        The US protests have served up hundreds of extreme images in recent days - but this picture shows exactly what they’re really about.

                                        Incredible photo of officer at protest

                                        Protesters against police brutality towards unarmed black people in the US have been “taking a knee” for years. A top cop just joined them.

                                        Cafe worker’s X-rated career change

                                        Elly has made $5000 on OnlyFans in a month-and-a-half. Picture: SBS/Supplied.

                                        After losing both her jobs because of coronavirus, Sydney-based Elly went online – and has since made a huge amount of “easy” money.

                                        Fury at beauty queen’s ‘stupid’ riot remark

                                        George Floyd protests: Outrage after ex-Miss Universe Malaysia claims African-Americans ‘chose to be born coloured’. Picture: Instagram / samanthakayty

                                        A former Miss Universe winner has sparked widespread criticism after claiming African-Americans “chose to be born ‘coloured’”.

                                        Influencer sacked for giving up autistic son

                                        The mum has defended 'rehoming' son. Picture: YouTube

                                        An influencer who gave up her adopted child has had her social media deals “terminated” amid the backlash of her parenting decision.

                                        ‘Full on’: Influencer’s apology backfires

                                        Australian wellness influencer Sarah Day.

                                        An Aussie influencer said she is “getting full on death threats” after her apology over controversial hairstyle stoked more backlash.

                                        Kmart worker spills discount ‘secrets’

                                        A Sydney Kmart employee has gone viral after sharing three “secrets” that will save you money when shopping in store.

                                        Simple mistake in $51m drama

                                        Fire Fight Australia Bushfire Relief Concert

                                        When comedian Celeste Barber’s bushfire fundraiser tallied record amounts, Australians rejoiced, but unfortunately it didn’t go to plan.

                                        Fury as influencer gives up autistic son

                                        Youtuber adoption. Picture: Myka Stauffer/YouTube

                                        A YouTuber who revealed she had “rehomed” her adopted son with autism, has sparked outrage as people brand the move “sick”.

                                        Teen’s failed 100km dinghy journey

                                        Teen rescued. Picture: NZ Police

                                        A teenager is lucky to be alive after he became stranded while trying to cross the Cook Strait in a dinghy and had to be rescued.

                                        ‘Lock him up’: Rage over deleted video

                                        Horror at viral video of dog on Aussie beach. Picture: TikTok

                                        A “traumatic” video of a dog catching a penguin at a Melbourne beach has re-emerged, sparking anger. Warning: Distressing

                                        Young adventurers found after 18 days

                                        Dion Reynolds, 23. Picture: Facebook

                                        The pair of 23-year-old “trampers” set off in wilderness 18 days ago but failed to return when expected.

                                        Photo proves ‘we don’t deserve dogs’

                                        Supplied  Fwd: Loyal Wuhan Pooch Waits For Dead COVID Owner 3 Months

                                        A heartbreaking photo shows a dog patiently waiting in a hospital to be reunited with his beloved owner who tragically died from coronavirus.

                                        ‘Remarkable’: Roxy slams non-paying client

                                        ‘Remarkable’: Roxy calls out non-paying client. Picture: Supplied

                                        Just weeks after revealing her business empire was crumbling, Roxy Jacenko has called out a client she claims has failed to pay her.

                                        Moment mum ‘pushed’ son into canal

                                        Supplied  Patricia Ripley. Picture: Univision

                                        A clip of a mum, charged with murdering her autistic son, allegedly pushing him into a canal as she runs away has emerged. Warning: Graphic

                                        Mum’s ‘joy’ after daughter’s car park death


                                        A mum-of-five whose three-year-old was tragically killed in front of her has spoken about how she’s found the “strength to keep going”.

                                        Aussie grandma’s heartbreak over cruel scam

                                        ACA. Picture: A Current Affair/Nine

                                        Mary Busuttil thought she was speaking to a US army major who was going to marry her until a TV interview revealed the devastating truth.

                                        ‘Petrol everywhere’: Horror triple-0 call

                                        60 Mins. Picture: 60 Minutes/Nine

                                        A recording captured the terrifying triple-0 call a Queensland woman made just moments after being doused in petrol by her partner.

                                        Cocaine Cassie’s post-jail transformation

                                        Cassie Sainsbury's latest Instagram post.

                                        Australian drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury has revealed the secret to her new physique in a candid Instagram Live shared with fans.

                                        Horrendous X-ray after 26-storey fall

                                        X-ray of Jacob's lungs after his second complication. It shows all his stomach organs have herniated into his chest, collapsing his left lung.

                                        Jacob Pearce, 31, was celebrating a mate’s bucks party in a high-rise apartment when things took a traumatic, life-changing turn.

                                        Paedophile teacher files for divorce

                                        Supplied  Married teacher Brittany Zamora allegedly had sex with a 13-year-old student

                                        A paedophile teacher who had sex with a 13-year-old student has filed for divorce from her husband after he stood by her side during the trial.

                                        Woman’s savage revenge on ex

                                        Woman's revenge on cheating ex. Picture: Shandong Net.

                                        They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but for one scorned woman in China, revenge was worth one tonne of onions.

                                        Today in History: May 20

                                        After 33 years in late night television and 6028 broadcasts, US veteran Late Show host David Letterman retired on this day in 2015.

                                        Tips: how to handle post-COVID office life

                                        Upset woman working from home office. Unhappy freelancer using laptop and the Internet.

                                        What will office life look like post-COVID? It’s your time to rewrite the rules – and it’s a passive aggressive colleague’s dream.

                                        Whale hero escapes ‘un-Australian’ fine

                                        A man who was hailed a hero after saving a drowning baby whale has escaped a massive fine for tampering with a shark net.

                                        Grim discovery of missing woman in forest

                                        Supplied  Phoenix Netts - first picture of woman who's torso was found in UK.
 Picture: West Midlands Police

                                        The first photo of a 28-year-old woman, who’s body was found in gruesome circumstances in a forest has been shared. WARNING: Graphic

                                        Married teacher ‘had 13-year-old’s baby’

                                        Supplied  Leah Cordice was sentenced to 30 months in prison for sex with a 13
 year old. Picture: Hyde News & Pictures Ltd

                                        A 20-year-old has been jailed for sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy she babysat which resulted in her giving birth to his daughter.

                                        Woman’s viral transformation a fake

                                        Truth behind viral TikTok teeth transformation.

                                        It’s been viewed 15 million times, but not everything is as it seems with Jaqueline Alarc?o’s viral makeover. Were you fooled by it too?

                                        Today in History: May 19

                                        Prince Harry Marries Ms. Meghan Markle - Windsor Castle

                                        Prince Harry married Meghan Markle on this day in 2018, in a star-studded ceremony at Windsor Castle.

                                        Pete Evans posts ‘urgent’ flu petition

                                        Supplied  Pete Evans. Picture: chefpeteevans/Instagram

                                        The celebrity chef has taken to social media again, this time urging people to sign an anti-vaccination petition – but insists he’s not anti-vax.

                                        Baby drowns in toilet after mum gives birth

                                        The woman gave birth in a toilet at work. Picture: iStock.

                                        After giving birth to her son in a toilet at work, Makuya Kambamba allegedly left him there for 30 minutes. Warning: Distressing

                                        Today in History: May 18

                                        Cairns Regional Council gardener Raymond Sharp is seeking compensation for the loss of the tips of his fingers in a lawn-mowing accident. Another lawn mowe had to be wheeled into court for a re-enactment after the first one was the wrong type. (wrong lawn mower)

                                        England’s Edwin Budding signed an agreement on this day in 1830 for manufacture of his invention, the lawnmower.

                                        Royal’s terrifying plea for help

                                        A woman claiming to be a member of the Dubai royal family has recorded a video pleading for help. Picture: 60 Minutes

                                        The latest woman in a string to flee the Dubai royal family has recorded a video pleading for help, saying she fears she will be murdered.

                                        City stamps people exposed to the virus

                                        a a a a a a a

                                        A city of 18 million people that is being engulfed by coronavirus is stamping the hand of people exposed to the virus with ink that lasts 14 days.

                                        Comedian 'terrified' to leave house

                                        Comedian Em Rusciano. Picture: Instagram.

                                        While restrictions have begun to ease, Em Rusciano won’t be leaving the house until she could “lick her neighbour” and not get sick.

                                        Famous designer, 70, reveals fitness secrets

                                        The designer went viral last week. Picture: @verawang

                                        Wedding dress queen Vera Wang has stunned fans with her physique while in isolation and has now let them in on a little secret.

                                        Woman killed by pet bulldog

                                        The woman was tragically mauled to death by one of her dogs. Picture: Facebook.

                                        A US woman was found dead on her back veranda with her clothes shredded and scratches and bites to most of her body.

                                        Today in History: May 14

                                        08/05/1998 PIRATE: Undated publicity photo of actors from TV series Seinfeld (L-R) Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld.

                                        After nine years on NBC, hit television sitcom Seinfeld aired its final episode in the US on this day in 1998.

                                        100-year-old man’s interview goes viral

                                        100-year-old Owen Filer's interview has gone viral. Picture: Supplied

                                        After living through a world war and The Great Depression, Owen Filer has some wise words on how to get through the pandemic.

                                        Teen offered $200 for sex with boss

                                        A teenage waitress was offered $200 to have sex with her cafe owner boss, who then assaulted her in the storeroom, it has been reveleaed.

                                        ‘Ridiculous’: Britain’s lockdown chaos

                                        Supplied Editorial London park

                                        It was supposed to be the good news Brits were waiting for but an attempt at easing lockdown has sparked chaos and been branded a disgrace.

                                        Adult model reveals bizarre requests

                                        One Of The Most Imitated Models On The Gram

                                        A model who has made millions selling pictures of herself online has revealed some of the strangest requests she has received from fans.

                                        Shopper's easy hack for Coles bags

                                        Genius bag hack shared on Facebook.

                                        The simple trick takes just 20 seconds and not only saves space, but also means your bags will last for longer.

                                        Today in History: May 11

                                        Britain's new Prime Minister, Conservative party Leader David Cameron, addresses the media outside 10 Downing Street in central London on May 11, 2010. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II appointed Conservative leader David Cameron as prime minister on Tuesday, after the resignation of Gordon Brown five days after cliffhanger elections. AFP PHOTO/Leon Neal

                                        Conservative leader David Cameron became Britain’s youngest prime minister in almost 200 years on this day in 2010.

                                        Million-dollar empire awaiting Pete

                                        His contract with Seven has been nixed. But there’s a mountain of money around the corner for Australia’s controversial health influencer.

                                        Worst thing to come out of lockdown

                                        Surprised girl using smart phone

                                        There has been a nasty side effect of the coronavirus pandemic, the one which has shut down society and kept us in our homes.

                                        Model's coronavirus career U-turn

                                        English model Harriett Rose. Picture: Instagram.

                                        The UK model revealed how she had traded designer clothes for scrubs and how “blood, sweat and tears” had gone into keeping people alive.

                                        Harsh reality for crying X-rated influencer

                                        X-rated influencer Billie Beever cries

                                        This influencer cried hysterically about losing followers on her X-rated website. And she has been served a cold dose of reality.

                                        Woolies' new contactless move

                                        Woolworths customers will be able to shop without physical receipts and cards thanks to new technology the supermarket is rolling out.

                                        Today in History: May 7

                                        Australia's first coat of Arms, granted to the Commonwealth by King Edward VII in 1908.

                                        Australia was granted its own coat of arms, which now depicts symbols of the nation’s six states held up by a kangaroo and an emu, on this day in 1908.

                                        Today in History: May 6

                                        The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Pose With Their Newborn Son

                                        Meghan Markle gave birth to her first child with Prince Harry, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, on this day in 2019.

                                        Parents not allowed to attend baby’s birth

                                        Parents-to-be unable to fly overseas for baby's birth. Picture: Channel 9

                                        A Perth couple set to welcome a son to a surrogate in Ukraine next month have had their application to travel declined.

                                        Mum mistaken as 15yo daughter’s twin

                                        Teen claims mum, 33, could pass for her twin. Picture: TikTok / ken.rian

                                        A teenager has shared a video alongside her age-defying mum, but despite having a 17-year age-gap many can’t tell them apart. Can you?

                                        Today in History: May 4

                                        Newly Elected Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Arrives At Downing Street

                                        Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first female prime minister on this day in 1979, with a majority of 43 seats in the House of Commons.

                                        Big bucks: Reality stars’ X-rated backup job

                                        James Sunday column photos Instagram

                                        Wanna make lots of cash quickly? There’s a way. And James Weir wonders when it became the new normal.

                                        Dog wreaks havoc during live cross

                                        Good doggo crashes news live cross.

                                        The US weatherman was going about his business when a very good boy decided it was the right time to beg for snacks.

                                        Horrific new Ted Bundy revelation

                                        Close Up Portrait of Ted Bundy Waving

                                        In a tell-all book, Ted Bundy’s long-term girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall has disclosed a shocking detail about the everyday life of a serial killer.

                                        Woman dies leaving house for first time

                                        Supplied  Olesya Suspitsyna, 31, originally from Kazakhstan, was killed on a at
 the popular Duden Park in the city of Antalya, Turkey, on Sunday.

                                        When Turkey’s strict lockdown rules ended, Olesya Suspitsyna went for a walk to celebrate – but her first venture outside went horribly wrong.

                                        Today in History: April 30

                                        Adolf Hitler died by suicide in his Berlin bunker on this day in 1945, the same day that Russian troops penetrated the city, capturing the Reichstag.

                                        ‘Rock bottom’: Seven stages of iso insanity

                                        Have you endured these seven stages during isolation? James Weir recaps.

                                        Virus victim rejected from hospital twice

                                        Rana Zoe Mungin died after being turned away from hospital twice.

                                        A teacher who was turned away from emergency departments twice died a month after finally being put on a ventilator.

                                        Today in History: April 29

                                        Prince William and Kate Middleton married at Westminster Abbey on this day in 2011, becoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

                                        How Chinese kids are social distancing

                                        Supplied  Fwd: REQUESTED HIGH RES: Back-To-School China Kids Wear 3ft Social
 Distance Caps

                                        Children going back to school in China arrived armed with their own weapons to fight the coronavirus pandemic – one-metre, handmade hats.

                                        ‘Fine me’: Flouting backpacker dares police

                                        Swedish backpacker dares police to arrest her as she flouts lockdown. Picture: TikTok/ Linn Clark

                                        A video of a Swedish backpacker sunbaking on an Australian beach has emerged, showing the tourist asking “give me a $1200 fine”.

                                        ‘Lost for words’: Note stuns cafe owner

                                        Note leaves cafe owner 'lost for words'. Picture: Facebook / The Timbuktu Cafe

                                        A struggling Melbourne cafe owner received the shock of his life when he opened a letter that was slid under his door.


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