Black ‘panther’ caught on video in Sydney

                                        The big cat walks across the grass in Wahroonga. Picture: Alec Mcdonald

                                        An enormous black panther appears to have been caught in crystal clear video slinking through the suburbs of Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

                                        Ocean left blood-red in annual slaughter

                                        Images of a whale bloodbath witnessed in The Faroe Islands

                                        Animal rights groups are up in arms again after an annual whale slaughtering festival turned the sea blood red.

                                        Bushfire season’s ongoing threat

                                        Australia could record a surge in the number of animals listed as endangered after close to 100,000 square kilometres burned over summer.

                                        Bizarre new fish accidentally bred in lab

                                        The top and bottom images are typical young Russian sturgeon and paddlefish. The middle images are examples of the hybrids inadvertently produced when the species’ eggs and sperm were mixed.Credit...Kaldy et al., Genes 2020

                                        Scientists didn’t think the two threatened species would be able to breed together but turns out they were wrong. Meet the sturddlefish.

                                        Rhinos drown in floods at national park

                                        The rhinos in Kaziranga. Picture: Chief Minister of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal/Twitter

                                        Dozens of animals have died due to floods in a World Heritage-listed wildlife reserve in India including four rhinos found drowned this week.

                                        How ultra-black fish hide in the sea

                                        Karen Osborn/Smithsonian)

                                        Scientists have discovered an intriguing new way several types of fish camouflage themselves in the dark depths of the ocean.

                                        Fish with ‘luscious’ human lips goes viral

                                        The triggerfish and its mouth. Picture: Twitter

                                        A tropical fish, notorious for its ill temper, is going viral on social media after someone noticed its mouth looked like a human’s.

                                        Shark’s 50-minute battle with a whale

                                        Supplied  Great white shark attacks humpback whale. Picture: Earth
 Touch/National Geographic

                                        Drone video has captured the strategic take-down moment of a massive humpback whale by a great white shark off South Africa.

                                        ‘Hellboy’ goes viral in stingray video

                                        mmm m m m m

                                        A video of stingrays swimming at a Florida beach has caught attention after an extremely sunburnt man was spotted in the video.

                                        Cow caught on camera at cop shop

                                        It's understood the cow will not be charged.

                                        Police in a remote Queensland community near the NT border recently had an unexpected visitor pop by the local station.

                                        Gorilla gets tested for coronavirus

                                        Shango the gorilla gets  Coronavirus test after getting into a fight with his younger brother at Zoo Miami.

                                        A gorilla has been swabbed for coronavirus after getting into a nasty fight with his brother at a zoo earlier this week.

                                        Kangaroo pictured mourning dead mate

                                        A picture of a male kangaroo mourning his mate and her joey, left for dead after a driver hit and killed them, has been captured by wildlife rescuers.

                                        Fight to keep enormous pet rodent

                                        Supplied  Fwd: REQUESTED HIGH RES: Locals Stop Cops Seizing Huge Pet Rodent
 From 8yo Girl

                                        A neighbourhood loves this giant pet rodent so much they formed a human shield around his cage when police arrived to seize it.

                                        Surprise new spider discovery

                                        Dr Jeremy Wilson with one of the new spiders he named after a former mentor and PhD supervisor Jane Hughes. Picture:

                                        Scientists noticed something very different about the way this spider catches its prey, overturning more than 100 years of thinking.

                                        ‘Alien’ creature washes up on QLD beach

                                        A mysterious sea creature has washed up on a Queensland beach. Picture: Facebook

                                        A strange sea creature has washed up on a Queensland beach, with some people thinking it could be worth quite a lot of money.

                                        How rabbit lived inside couch for weeks

                                        Sharon is now back in the yard where she can eat something more appropriate.

                                        A Melbourne woman thought her beloved pet rabbit was dead after it had been missing for 22 days. Then it turned up alive.

                                        Breeders selling puppies to testing labs

                                        Shelter Dog Paw On Chain Link Fence

                                        Breeders in France are selling dogs to animal testing labs for experiments due to ‘excess stock’ during the nation’s coronavirus crisis.

                                        Human-sized bat leaves people ‘horrified’

                                        Hulk-sized bat in the Philippines.

                                        A giant, enormous golden-crowned flying fox is causing a stir because of its “human size”. It can have a wingspan up to a whopping 1.7m.

                                        Croc found in suburban Brisbane

                                        A young crocodile in suburban Brisbane has been seized.

                                        A distressed juvenile saltwater crocodile has been found a long way from home, discovered wandering around suburban Brisbane.

                                        Mystery surrounds mass elephant deaths


                                        Hundreds of elephants have suddenly died in a “conservation disaster” for the vulnerable population. WARNING: Graphic images.

                                        Shock moment driver lost load

                                        One of the dogs

                                        Footage has emerged of the shocking moment a driver almost lost their precious cargo as a warning to other drivers circulates.

                                        Family saves bear from drowning

                                        The couple spotted the bear swimming in the lake.

                                        A US family have saved the life of a young bear after they spotted it struggling in a lake while they were fishing with a tub caught over its head.

                                        Koalas on course to be extinct by 2050

                                        Koalas are on track to become extinct in the wild in NSW by 2050 if the destruction of their habitat doesn’t stop.

                                        Father ‘jumps’ on bear to save son

                                        Brown bear sentenced to death

                                        A man has broken his leg in three places after he tried to save his son from a bear attack along a rural trail in Italy.

                                        Toddler found in cage with abused animals

                                        Henry County police find toddler  in cage along with abused animals, three charged

                                        Police were called to a site over animal welfare concerns. Then they realised it wasn’t just animals being kept in cages with a one-year-old inside.

                                        Deadly creature hidden at Sydney hotspot

                                        Easter in Eastern Subs

                                        It’s one of Sydney’s most popular beaches, but one photographer has made an unsettling discovery lurking below the surface – and it’s not a shark.

                                        Shark video not what it seems

                                        The angler pulling a hook from a shark's mouth. Picture: Rachael Foster

                                        A frightening video appearing showing a fisherman wrestling with a sand tiger shark close to shore in fact shows something very different.

                                        Footage shows giant shark stalking surfers

                                        Drone footage of great white shark with surfers.

                                        Chilling drone footage caught a great white shark stalking six surfers who had no idea it was metres away until it was almost too late.

                                        Surfer’s incredible clash with a sea lion


                                        A Perth photographer has managed to capture the incredible moment a sea lion clashes with a surfer, and gives him a tap with its flipper.

                                        Investigation into mysterious giraffe death

                                        Sydney Zoo shared the sad news of Gigi's death on their Facebook page. Picture: Sydney Zoo

                                        Sydney Zoo says the results of a post-mortem examination into how Gigi the giraffe died could take up to three weeks.

                                        Another tangled whale rescued off QLD coast

                                        Another tangled whale rescued by Sea World

                                        A whale was found tangled in a Gold Coast shark net early this morning. Rescuers rushed to save it before it drowned.

                                        Tourist elephants starving, shot by owners

                                        Tourist elephants starving, owners can’t afford to feed them

                                        Large, exotic animals in captivity are starving to death in third world countries, as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the tourism industry.

                                        Drone captures shark feeding frenzy

                                        The sharks were seen circling the carcass before tucking in. Picture: Storyful/Carlos Gauna.

                                        A YouTuber’s drone footage returned a shark feeding frenzy off the coast of California, close to nearby swimmers.

                                        Whale’s fight to free baby from shark nets

                                        The trapped whales. Credit: 7NEWS

                                        A whale and its calf have been freed after the pair became tangled in shark nets off the Gold Coast.

                                        ‘Barbaric’ act against dead wallaby

                                        Police in Tasmania. Australia xxxx

                                        Police are investigating a serious act of animal cruelty against a wallaby in Tasmania after a “heinous” photo was shared on Facebook. Warning: Graphic

                                        300kg squid washes up on beach

                                        Rare giant squid specimen is washed up on Golden Mile Beach in Brittania Bay on Sunday, 7 June 2020. Picture: Adéle Grosse ? Iziko Museums of South Africa.

                                        A giant squid weighing more than 300kg has been discovered by a woman while she was walking along a South African beach.

                                        Family finds massive python in sink

                                        The snake catcher believed it fell out of an air vent in the bathroom ceiling. Picture: Illawarra Snake Catcher

                                        A family has got a shock after they discovered a massive diamond python that had fallen from the ceiling into their bathroom sink.

                                        Stud tortoise ‘retires’ after 800 kids

                                        He’s been credited with saving his species, but now the 100-year-old tortoise who fathered more than 800 has retired to his native island.

                                        Lions ‘bred to be shot by wealthy tourists’

                                        Picture: YouTube/Lord Ashcroft on Wildlife

                                        Clients of South African ranches are reportedly emailed “menus” to choose which of the estimated 12,000 captive-bred lions they want to slaughter.

                                        First Migaloo sighting of the season

                                        Australia's favourite whale, Migaloo. Picture: Supplied

                                        Australia’s favourite white whale Migaloo has been spotted off the south coast of New South Wales, on his annual migration from Antarctica to Queensland.

                                        Crazy find in dead fox’s stomach

                                        A fox has 62 centipedes in its stomach. Picture: Bush Heritage Australia

                                        Wildlife researchers in South Australia are used to finding unusual things in animals’ stomachs but this fox left them “blown away”.

                                        Gruesome new threat to our frogs

                                        The large growth on the frog's mouth turned out to be cancer.

                                        A new threat to our frog population has been detected amid a call for further research to determine its scope. WARNING: Graphic image.

                                        Famous gorilla killed by poachers

                                        An iconic gorilla in a world heritage-protected park has been brutally killed by poachers.

                                        An popular gorilla in a world heritage-protected game park has been brutally killed by poachers, who claimed they were acting in self-defence.

                                        Car-sized crocs that roamed Earth

                                        Crocodiles are some of the oldest animals on the Earth, and scientists have discovered one of their early ancestors was even closer to a dinosaur.

                                        Big cat caught on camera in Victoria

                                        Picture: Amber O'Meara Noseda/Great Ocean Photography

                                        A wildlife photographer thought she had spotted a wallaby or a dog. But did she happen to capture an elusive panther roaming Victoria’s ranges?

                                        Drone captures incredible sight in ocean

                                        Thousands of turtles at Raine Island.

                                        Up to 64,000 green turtles have been filmed swarming a Queensland island in stunning drone footage used to count their numbers.

                                        Whale rescue hero’s next brilliant act

                                        a a a a a a. a a a. a a

                                        After narrowly avoiding thousands of dollars in fines for rescuing a whale, this Aussie hero decided to put the crowd-funded money towards a good cause.

                                        Reporter narrowly escapes croc attack

                                        Darwin news reporter Zarisha Bradley has revealed it's true what they say about never giving a smile to a crocodile, narrowly escaping the reptile's jaws. Picture: Twitter

                                        A Darwin news reporter has revealed it’s true what they say about never smiling at a crocodile, narrowly escaping the reptile's jaws.

                                        Fate of lions who mauled zookeeper

                                        Two lions who mauled a NSW zookeeper last week won’t be euthanised, the zoo’s owner has revealed.

                                        Elephant dies after being fed explosives

                                        The elephant. Picture: Mohan Krishnan/Facebook

                                        A heartbroken wildlife official said the pregnant wild elephant dipped her head in the water as though she knew “she was going to die”.

                                        Pub catches unusual intruder on CCTV

                                        Supplied  The dastardly quoll caught at the Bungalow Hotel Cairns

                                        A pub owner whose alarms were constantly going off overnight though he had an intruder. And he did – but not one he expected.

                                        Zoo keeper mauled by lions named

                                        The big cat expert who was savaged by two lions at a NSW zoo has now been named, as the woman continues to fight for life.

                                        Green light for shooting cull of brumbies

                                        500px Photo ID: 122661971 - The Alpha male showing leadership by gathering the herd

                                        A persistent cattleman who today lost his bid to stop a cull of wild horses in the Victorian High Country is not giving up without a fight.

                                        Gruesome find in feral cat’s stomach

                                        Many of the lizards were found still fully intact inside the cat's stomach.

                                        A ranger returning to work in New Zealand has made a gruesome find inside the stomach of a feral cat caught during the lockdown. WARNING: Graphic content.

                                        ‘Lost the plot’: Denyer’s hunt for big cats

                                        Supplied Editorial Celebrity selfies

                                        Grant Denyer has revealed he’s installed “military-style” cameras on his property after spotting what he believes was the mythical Australian black panther.

                                        Police swarm after ‘big cat’ sighting

                                        Residents thought the cat may have been a cheetah. Picture: Twitter

                                        Armed police swarmed a street in London following reports of a big cat roaming around the area but it turned out to be someone’s pet.

                                        New warning over ‘aggressive’ rats

                                        Rat City

                                        A warning has been issued over “unusual and aggressive” populations of rats who are being pushed into new areas due to restaurant closures.

                                        Signs of life on fire-ravaged island

                                        Glossy black-cockatoo chicks have hatched among burnt bushland on Kangaroo Island, boosting hopes the endangered species can be saved from extinction.Glossy black-cockatoo chicks have hatched among burnt bushland on Kangaroo Island, boosting hopes the endangered species can be saved from extinction.

                                        Kangaroo Island was devastated by bushfire over summer, destroying huge chunks of native habitat. Now, new life has emerged.

                                        Enormous feral cat caught on camera

                                        A feral cat carries a sand goanna in its mouth. Picture: Emma Spencer

                                        A researcher has shared photos of massive feral cats roaming in the Australian outback eating native wildlife, saying the sight is “common”.

                                        Hitler’s ‘pet’ alligator dies aged 84

                                        Saturn the alligator had a long and interesting life.

                                        An alligator believed to have been Hitler’s companion, who escaped from a zoo and survived countless WWII bombings, has died.

                                        Whale rescuer slammed by authorities


                                        The ‘hero in a tinny’ who rescued a trapped whale calf from a shark net has been hit with infringement notices and criticised by authorities.

                                        Proof 2.5m kangaroo roamed Australia

                                        Supplied Editorial roger tahnee

                                        A 2.5m tall kangaroo weighing almost 300kg and a 7m crocodile have been discovered along with 16 other massive Australian animals.

                                        Whale hero escapes ‘un-Australian’ fine

                                        A man who was hailed a hero after saving a drowning baby whale has escaped a massive fine for tampering with a shark net.

                                        Last ever glimpse of Tasmanian tiger

                                        Newly Released Footage Gives Last-Known Glimpse of Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

                                        Unearthed footage of the Tasmanian tiger has been released - the last-known glimpse of Australia’s most famous extinct predator.

                                        Man who saved baby whale ‘fined’


                                        A hero in a tinny who raced to free a baby whale tangled in a shark net off the Gold Coast has reportedly been slapped with a fine by authorities.

                                        Man who saved baby whale ‘fined’


                                        A hero in a tinny who raced to free a baby whale tangled in a shark net off the Gold Coast has reportedly been slapped with a fine by authorities.

                                        Australian zoos hit with adorable baby boom

                                        The coronavirus pandemic has produced little in the way of good news. But thankfully, animals across the country have been getting busy birthiny many cute critters, and these photos are sure to make you swoon.

                                        Pandas tested for coronavirus

                                        A panda breeding centre in China has tested 208 bears for coronavirus after becoming “very nervous” when New York zoo animals contracted it.

                                        Penguin poo is funny. Science says so

                                        The waste product of Antarctica’s king penguins has powerful properties that can send scientists researching the birds completely silly. That’s snow joke.

                                        Monkey on bike drags away toddler

                                        A monkey has been caught on video dragging a child.

                                        A monkey riding a bike has been caught on video snatching and dragging a child down a street in Indonesia.

                                        Surprising new detail about koalas

                                        Daily Telegraph

                                        A fresh analysis of koala behaviour in the wild has uncovered a previously unknown trait of the native marsupial that could prove vital.

                                        Skeleton of bizarre ‘crazy beast’ unveiled

                                        Supplied Editorial The Adalatherium was a bizarre creature that lived around 66 million
 years ago on the island of Madagascar. Picture: Facebook/Denver Museum of
 Nature & Science

                                        The skeleton of a “crazy beast” with backwards facing teeth that lived during the age of dinosaurs has been unveiled by palaeontologists.

                                        Zoo could feed animals to each other

                                        14 April 2020, Schleswig-Holstein, Neum??nster: Verena Caspari, director of the animal park. Since the closure of the zoos in mid-March due to corona, the Neum??nster Zoo has been dependent on donations to survive due to a lack of visitors. Photo: Carsten Rehder/dpa (Photo by Carsten Rehder/picture alliance via Getty Images)

                                        A German zoo has detailed its desperate plan to keep its most precious animals alive by killing other animals to feed them.

                                        Deer take over London streets

                                        UK On Lockdown Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

                                        These guys certainly aren’t stuck in coronavirus lockdown, taking to the streets of East London freely now the streets are empty.

                                        New spider’s artistic mating ritual

                                        new spiders discovered in australia

                                        These tiny spiders are known for their dance moves and elaborate markings, and now we know about seven more of them with picture perfect patterns.

                                        Man’s quarantine fix for best friend

                                        The video shows a dog being walked with a lead attached to a drone.

                                        A man believed to be in lockdown didn’t want his dog to miss out on a daily walk so came up with an innovative solution.

                                        Dog dies after positive virus test

                                        A beautiful dog runs through the bright autumn forest, the Spitz

                                        A dog that tested positive for a “low-level” coronavirus infection after its owner was diagnosed has died just days after being let out of quarantine.

                                        ‘Clearly not effective’: plan to poison animals

                                        Dingoes in the wild

                                        The NSW government plans to airdrop poisoned baits to kill predators of native animals, but history suggests it could be the wrong approach.

                                        ‘Unicorn’ dog goes viral on Instagram

                                        Rae the golden retriever has only one ear, in the centre of her head.

                                        An accident at birth left the golden retriever pup with only one ear, and social media is falling in love with her for it.

                                        Why your house is full of ants

                                        Black ants

                                        Ants are ubiquitous all over the world, including in your home. Here’s what you can do about an infestation of ants at your place.

                                        Pig starts farm fire after odd meal

                                        A peckish pig was behind a paddock fire over the weekend after snacking on a tracking device fitted to another animal on the farm.

                                        Famed ‘lopsided’ shih tzu dies

                                        Marnie the lopsided dog has died aged 18

                                        Almost two million people who followed a “lopsided” dog on Instagram are in mourning after the shih tzu passed away last week.

                                        Owner’s rude snake name goes viral

                                        D*ckhead's fitting in great with his new reptile-loving family. Picture: Facebook - XtremeSnake Gaming.

                                        A woman has come up with a very unusual moniker for her pet snake after she realised it had very interesting pattern on its forehead.

                                        Shock find in new creature’s stomach

                                        Scientists have discovered a new sea creature. Picture WWF

                                        Scientists have discovered a strange new sea creature but they were so shocked at what they found inside it, they gave it a poignant name.

                                        Secret facility where baboons are bred

                                        More than 60km west of Sydney’s CBD is a secret baboon breeding facility where “Frankenstein-like surgical experiments” are performed.

                                        Top tips to teach your dog how to behave

                                        Taylor Wheeler is on a global mission to help teach children how to safely interact with dogs in an effort to kerb the number of animals being surrendered or dumped.

                                        New Australian lion discovered

                                        An artist impression of marsupial lion now known as Lekaneleo roskellya. Picture: Peter Schouten

                                        A new type of marsupial lion has been discovered in Queensland after palaeontologists found one like nothing that had been seen before.

                                        Elephant mosquito surge threatens QLD

                                        Flooding rains have turned parts of Queensland into the perfect breeding grounds for mozzies, with experts predicting a virus outbreak.

                                        Wet weather brings cockroach invasion

                                        Cockroach infestation. Picture: Nuflow Technologies

                                        A video showing hundreds of cockroaches crawling through a drain pipe at a Queensland house has served as a warning to homeowners.

                                        Tarantula missing after roof collapse

                                        Screwbox the tarantula was found 'scared stiff' by his owner Tahlia Renton

                                        A lost spider has caused mayhem for a Perth woman after his enclosure smashed open.

                                        Runaway baboon gets the snip


                                        A male baboon who was on his way to a vasectomy, when he and his two companions escaped a hospital, has undergone the big snip.

                                        ‘Cruel’ facility escaped baboons were kept

                                        An investigation into the three baboons that escaped a hospital yesterday is under way, as more details about the facility they’re kept at emerge.

                                        Baboon escape puts research in spotlight

                                        Baboon Hunt

                                        The escape of three baboons from Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital has exposed medical research being conducted at the hospital.

                                        Reason baboons were at Sydney hospital

                                        Authorities have revealed why three baboons were at a Sydney hospital yesterday before they escaped and run across the grounds.

                                        ’This is carnage’: Koala’s suffering revealed

                                        A heartbreaking look at the suffering of Australia’s wildlife after the bushfires has revealed the “carnage” of the ferocious blazes. Warning: Distressing.

                                        Rare pink manta ray spotted on reef

                                        A pink manta ray spotted on the GBR. Picture: Kristian Laine / Magnus News

                                        Photographer Kristian Laine thought his camera was playing up when he first saw the images. Then he realised he’d captured something amazing.

                                        ‘Horrific’ pig hunting video sparks debate


                                        A “horrific” viral video of a wild pig being shot by a hunter before being set upon by a pack of dogs has sparked intense debate online.

                                        Tradie brings lizard back to life

                                        Slab has been hailed a hero

                                        This tradie found a gecko drowning in his beer. So performed CPR to bring it back to life.

                                        Fury over zoo’s ‘sick’ Valentine gimmick

                                        San Antonio Zoo in Texas has come under fire for a Valentine's Day promoition slammed as "sick". Picture: Wikimedia/Dave Stone.

                                        A US zoo has stoked the fury of animal lovers after it took the unusual step of allowing people to buy a creature to then be killed.

                                        Mystery cluster of deadly sharks spotted

                                        mystery group of great whites spotted.

                                        Scientists have been left puzzled by a mysterious cluster of great white sharks loitering just off the coast in an unusual formation.


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