Believe it or not, this is our own backyard

                                        Pennicott Skull Rock. Picture: Supplied.

                                        This picture may look like an idyllic setting in the Mediterranean, but it’s actually right here in Australia. So why not put it on your post-COVID road trip list?

                                        Inside Australia’s adorable ‘koala island’

                                        One of Raymond Island's koalas. Picture: Supplied

                                        A short ferry ride from the seaside village of Paynesville, you'll find the home of one of Victoria’s largest wild koala populations, Raymond Island.

                                        Holiday hotspot stuns with insane sunsets

                                        Mallacoota is the perfect spot to catch a stunning sunset.

                                        With its rugged wilderness easing in to the breathtaking ocean at the very tip of Victoria’s coast, you’d be hard pressed to find a more scenic spot to watch the sunset.

                                        Forget Fiji because this place is better

                                        Bairnsdale is known for its natural attractions.

                                        This stunning laid-back country town is close to scenic drives and your perfect base for exploring the Mitchell River.

                                        $10 menu item you need to try

                                        Sardine Eatery and Bar in Paynesville. Picture: Destination Gippsland

                                        Paynesville in East Gippsland has everything you could want in a holiday town – including an award-winning restaurant.

                                        This cafe is the ultimate brunch spot

                                        You can't go past the burger for breakfast, lunch, dinner...or all three.

                                        Lakes Entrance has stunning swimming beaches, a thriving water sports scene and great sunsets - but this burger is the real drawcard.

                                        Hidden surfer’s haven on our doorstep

                                        At the mouth of the Snowy River lies the super relaxed township of Marlo. And this hidden gem has one beach perfect for the wild at heart.

                                        The one pub meal worth the day trip

                                        The waterfront views at Metung Hotel. Picture: Destination Gippsland

                                        On a narrow sandy peninsula on the shores of the Gippsland Lakes, hides a pub with a dish so delicious you’ll never want to leave.

                                        Now is time to visit this Aussie paradise

                                        Don't Delay Your Stay: Now is the time to visit East Gippsland.

                                        With its rugged alpine ranges and coastal landscapes, East Gippsland has rarely struggled to attract visitors. But now, the community needs your help.

                                        Surprise hotel named Australia’s No.1

                                        Condé Nast Traveler has revealed its 2019 list of the top hotels in Australia, New Zealand and the world with a shock spot topping the Aussie list.

                                        Bizarre mystery of Aussie island

                                        The mysterious Skull Rock has reportedly had less visitors than the moon.

                                        Sitting a stone’s throw off the rugged Victorian coastline, this mysterious island protected by thousands of fur seals has been a hidden secret — until now.

                                        Close encounter with swooping owl

                                        The owl came very close to the spectator

                                        A man who visited an Australian wildlife park had a close encounter with one of the resident owls during a daily bird show.

                                        Report that will make Sydney furious

                                        Sydney Opera House at sunset

                                        An international report has revealed the Australian capital where people have the best quality of life, and it’s bad news for the Harbour City.

                                        Is ‘hottest’ Aussie hotel all it’s cracked up to be?

                                        Jackalope hotel Victoria Simone Mitchell

                                        Since opening in 2017, this luxury design hotel has raked in a ton of international accolades. But is it worth the hefty price tag?

                                        Warning over Melbourne’s bizarre pink lake

                                        It may look like the ultimate selfie backdrop, but this pink lake in Melbourne comes with a warning for those who want the perfect photo.

                                        Travellers say Melbourne is better than Sydney

                                        Melbourne, Australia - April 18, 2017: Southbank Promenade and Yarra river embankment at night. Southbank is inner neighbourhood of Melbourne, Australia

                                        INTERNATIONAL tourists have decided which of the two rival cities is best — and sorry Sydneysiders, yours isn’t it.

                                        The painting that changed Aussie town

                                        Guido's painting in Brim.

                                        PEOPLE come from far and wide to visit this remote Aussie town of 200 people — and the locals are thankful for it.

                                        This has to be Australia’s ‘richest’ spot

                                        Your guide to the Victorian Goldfields.

                                        THIS area once produced most of the world’s gold. But the Victorian Goldfields, about an hour from Melbourne, is still as impressive as ever — and it offers a lot of other gems, too.

                                        There’s nothing better than camping with a dog

                                        PetStock Camping. Rupert modeling a range of outdoor gear for PetStock.

                                        THESE are the best Aussie spots to go on a camping adventure with your pooch — and what you should do to make sure it’s the best trip possible.

                                        Hostie shames ‘irresponsible’ mum

                                        Baby and mum. Picture: Leesa Smith

                                        FOR this mum, flying for the first time with a new baby was nerve-racking enough. But the cruel comments of a flight attendant made the experience unbearable.

                                        What happened to ‘craft’ beer festival?

                                        What happened to ‘craft’ beer festival?

                                        CRAFT beer isn’t what it used to be, with some of Australia’s biggest companies making the stuff now. But the GABS beer festival is still worth a look.

                                        This brand new hotel is already No.1

                                        Supplied Editorial Fwd: Jackalope - lighter image

                                        JUST weeks after it opened, this coastal hideaway has been named Australia’s best hotel. So what’s so special about it?

                                        Why Aussie snow will excite you in 2017

                                        Why Aussie snow will excite you in 2017

                                        THE countdown’s on. Whether you’re a ski fiend or a first-timer, there are new attractions wherever you head on the Australian slopes this year.

                                        ‘Don’t bother’: Tourists hated Melbourne

                                        Graffiti in the city

                                        MELBOURNE may be the world’s most liveable city but these tourists hated everything about it, according to these savage reviews of the city’s best attractions.

                                        The best camping spots in Victoria

                                        Refuge Cove from above, Wilson Promontory National Park

                                        YOU’LL be surprised by how refreshing a nature getaway can be. Here are Victoria’s best weekend and week-long getaways.

                                        Aussie town that doesn’t exist

                                        Aussie town that doesn’t exist

                                        NEXT to an extinct volcano is Australia’s forgotten town that technically doesn’t exist. But locals want it back on the map.

                                        Eight reasons to not hate Melbourne

                                        Eight reasons to not hate Melbourne

                                        WHEN it comes to rivalry, the Melbourne V Sydney debate lingers, but hey, there’s lots to love about Melbourne.

                                        Sea search reveals five new Apostles

                                        Sea search reveals five new Apostles

                                        TOURISTS and Australians all know the 12 Apostles, but a rare discovery shows we have been wrong about them all along.

                                        ‘Hairy panic’ burying Aussie town

                                        ‘Hairy panic’ burying Aussie town

                                        HUGE piles of “hairy panic grass” have inundated this town and residents can’t even get inside their own homes. So what’s causing this bizarre problem?

                                        Um ... good luck with that, Melbs

                                        Reader Weather Photo

                                        MELBOURNE thinks its idea will be better than the Harbour Bridge climb. NSW Premier Mike Baird can barely contain his laughter.

                                        Melbourne mocked in viral video

                                        Melbourne mocked in viral video

                                        IT’S no secret Melburnians have a passion for their city. But one man has pointed out all its flaws and mocked them in a hilarious video.

                                        Australia’s tallest hotel underway

                                        Australia’s tallest hotel underway

                                        THE Victorian capital is putting on the Ritz, with the city’s first Ritz-Carlton set to become Australia’s tallest hotel.

                                        A few days on the beautiful Mornington Penninsula

                                        A few days on the beautiful Mornington Penninsula

                                        THERE’S nothing like travel to make you appreciate life anew, and one of the best ways to hit the refresh button is to pop off on a weekender.

                                        Delicious serve of luxury

                                        Delicious serve of luxury

                                        Even a short break is long enough to dive into the gourmet delights of the Mornington Peninsula

                                        Take a walk on the wild side

                                        Take a walk on the wild side

                                        Want a big night out with a bunch of animals? Then set up a swag for a family sleepover with the lions at the High Country’s Mansfield Zoo.



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