Floyd 'didn't deserve to die over $US20'

                                        A brother of George Floyd has urged a US congressional panel to not to let his death in Minneapolis police custody be in vain.

                                        Trump eyes executive order on US policing

                                        The White House says US President Donald Trump may issue an executive order to take action on policing.

                                        Russian FSB says Crimea terror plot foiled

                                        Russia's FSB intelligence agency says five people have been arrested over an apparent terrorist plot in Crimea.

                                        Sweden halts probe into 1986 murder of PM

                                        Swedish authorities have ended a probe into the 1986 murder of prime minister Olof Palme because the chief suspect is dead.

                                        MH17 accused can't claim immunity: court

                                        A Dutch prosecutor says four men accused of murder over the downing of MH17 can't claim combatant immunity because they weren't fighting for a state.

                                        Indonesia has biggest rise in virus cases

                                        Indonesia has reported its biggest daily increase in coronavirus cases for a second successive day, with 1241 new infections.

                                        Widespread mask use may avert virus waves

                                        British research suggests mask wearing can dramatically reduce coronavirus transmission rates if enough people wear them in public.

                                        Malaysia reopens after 3-month lockdown

                                        Malaysians can travel for domestic holidays, get haircuts and shop at street markets as the country reopens after three months in lockdown due to COVID-19.

                                        UK review of 5G security important: NATO

                                        It's important the United Kingdom reviews Huawei's role in its 5G network because the West can't ignore the rise of China, NATO's secretary-general says.

                                        French virus emergency powers end July 10

                                        France with lift emergency health measures on July 10, the prime minister's office says, as data shows signs the coronavirus may be fading away in the country.

                                        Royals wish Philip happy 99th birthday

                                        The royals have congratulated the Duke of Edinburgh on his 99th birthday but won't be able to deliver their wishes in person due to coronavirus lockdowns.

                                        Trump wonders if hurt protester a 'set up'

                                        US President Donald Trump has questioned whether a 75-year-old protester who was hospitalised after being shoved by police was part of a far-left conspiracy.

                                        Patients 'most infectious' when first sick

                                        Experts from the World Health Organization say people with COVID-19 are probably most infectious right at the point when they start feeling unwell.

                                        Brazil to resume providing full virus data

                                        Brazil's government has resumed publication of full COVID-19 data, including the cumulative death toll, following a directive from the country's Supreme Court.

                                        Prince Philip to celebrate 99th birthday

                                        Prince Philip is preparing to celebrate his 99th birthday after spending the past three months in lockdown at Windsor Castle with the Queen.

                                        News from around the world

                                        Stories from around the world overnight.

                                        LA scandal linked to Aust casino trip

                                        A Chinese billionaire property developer allegedly bribed LA City Council aide George Esparza with $US32,000 in casino chips and a trip to Australia.

                                        Little Britain blackface skits under fire

                                        Little Britain has been removed from iPlayer after coming under fire over the use of blackface in some comedy sketches.

                                        US ends ban on killing bear cubs

                                        The Trump administration has allowed hunters in Alaskan reserves to bait bear traps and kill denning bear cubs and wolf pups, overturning an Obama-era rule.

                                        Facts about Philip as he turns 99

                                        The Duke of Edinburgh is celebrating his 99th birthday.

                                        US Senate Republicans plan police reform

                                        US Senate Republicans are working on legislation to address police reform and racial injustice following the death of George Floyd in police custody.

                                        US states face new virus threat

                                        As states in the US reopen their economies the number of coronavirus cases continue to increase, raising the prospect of lockdowns being put back in place.

                                        Charity points to Myanmar jade mine abuses

                                        A Swedish charity has called to task Caterpillar, Komatsu and Volvo AB for supplying machinery to Myanmar's jade mines despie rampant abuses in the industry.

                                        NZ preparing for COVID-complicated poll

                                        Online voting, dictated votes, voting in supermarkets and plenty of polling places will all feature in New Zealand's election on September 19.

                                        Thailand ponders reopening more businesses

                                        Thailand has reported no local coronavirus transmissions for the past 16 days, prompting authorities to consider the next phase of reopening businesses.

                                        Cops TV show dropped after 33 seasons

                                        Reality TV show Cops has been dropped after 33 seasons as protests over police brutality following the death of George Floyd spread across the globe.

                                        S.Korea charges groups over North leaflets

                                        South Korea is charging two activist groups with illegally floating anti-Pyongyang leaflets and bottles filled with rice into North Korea.

                                        Two dead as blaze engulfs India oil well

                                        A raging fire at a natural gas field in northeastern India has killed two firefighters and forced nearly 8000 people to leave their homes.

                                        Thousands displaced in deadly China floods

                                        At least a dozen people are dead and hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes as floods wreak havoc in south and central China.

                                        Pakistan's cases surge, WHO urges lockdown

                                        The World Health Organisation is urging a lockdown in Pakistan as the country's coronavirus cases soar past 5000.

                                        Hong Kong police arrest 53 protesters

                                        Hong Kong protesters have defied bans on gatherings and taken to the streets, with police making 53 arrests and using pepper spray to disperse crowds.

                                        PNG receives emergency IMF loan

                                        Papua New Guinea has received an emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund to help it cover costs of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

                                        Family calls for justice at Floyd funeral

                                        George Floyd, a black man who died under a white police officer's knee, has been memorialised at a funeral in Texas as "the cornerstone of a movement".

                                        Oxford protesters target Rhodes statue

                                        Protesters at Oxford University have demanded the removal of a statue of 19th century British colonialist Cecil Rhodes from Oriel College.

                                        New York law to unveil police records

                                        A decades-old law that has kept law enforcement officers' disciplinary records secret in New York state has been repealed.

                                        Senate confirms first black service chief

                                        General Charles Brown Junior has been confirmed as chief of staff of the US Air Force, making him the first black officer to lead one of the military services.

                                        Boko Haram kills 69 in northern Nigeria

                                        At least 69 people have been killed and a village razed by Boko Haram gunmen in northern Nigeria, reports say. .

                                        Twitter holiday to honour freed slaves

                                        Twitter has declared a company holiday on June 19 to honour the Emancipation Proclamation which freed millions of enslaved African-Americans in the 1860s.

                                        US Navy to bar Confederate flags

                                        Images of the Confederate battle flag are to be banned from US Navy ships, aircraft and installations.

                                        US employers laid off 7.7 million in April

                                        The closure in the US of thousands of offices, restaurants and stores during the COVID-19 pandemic led to employers laying off 7.7 million workers in April.

                                        IMF approves $US5bn lifeline for Ukraine

                                        The IMF has approved a $US5 billion loan deal for Ukraine to help stabilise the country's economy as it struggles with the coronavirus pandemic.

                                        Outgoing Burundi President Nkurunziza dies

                                        Burundi's outgoing President Pierre Nkurunziza has died from a heart attack, the government of the central African nation has announced.

                                        German exports plunged 24% in April

                                        German exports and imports in April had their biggest falls since records began in 1990 as coronavirus restrictions savaged demand.

                                        HK protesters mark march anniversary

                                        Protesters have defied a coronavirus ban and a heavy police presence to gather in central Hong Kong to mark a year since the beginning of pro-democracy rallies.

                                        HK protesters torn between hope and fear

                                        A year on from the start of Hong Kong's large and often violent anti-government movement, residents' feelings range from slim hope to acute fear of oppression.

                                        Tonnes of cocaine found in cans in Poland

                                        Polish authorities have seized more than three tonnes of cocaine hidden in barrels of frozen pineapple pulp, with a street value of around $A126 million.

                                        Hong Kong timeline: a year of protests

                                        In June 2019, as many as a million people marched through Hong Kong over an extradition bill, setting off a year of protests about the city's freedoms.

                                        London to review its imperial statues

                                        London's statues and street names will be reviewed, Mayor Sadiq Khan says, after protesters toppled a statue of an English slave trader.

                                        US may have photos of MH17 missile: court

                                        US authorities have told Dutch prosecutors they can't provide more information about their detection of the missile that downed MH17 because it's confidential.

                                        Building collapse in Karachi kills 13

                                        At least 13 people are dead after a building collapsed in the Pakistani city of Karachi.

                                        Moscow lockdown ends despite virus cases

                                        Moscow has lifted its coronavirus lockdown after two months despite Russia's capital still recording more than 1000 cases a day.

                                        Russian Arctic spill reaches large lake

                                        Authorities are trying to contain the diesel from a major spill that has reached a Russian lake that's linked to a river that flows into the Arctic Ocean.

                                        Turkey arrests 414 accused of Gulen links

                                        More than 400 personnel have been arrested over suspected links to the network the Turkish government claims was behind the failed 2016 coup.

                                        Iran to kill man for spying on Soleimani

                                        Iran will execute an Iranian who spied on slain Qassem Soleimani, although the judiciary says the case is not linked to the top commander's assassination.

                                        Virus may have been in China in August

                                        China has dismissed US research that suggests the coronavirus might have been spreading in China as early as August 2019.

                                        Malaysian govt drops another graft case

                                        Charges have been dropped against the ex-chief minister of Sabah state in the second high-profile corruption case to be dismissed by Malaysia's new government.

                                        Indonesia has biggest rise in virus cases

                                        Indonesia has reported its biggest daily rise in coronavirus cases, taking the total number of infections to 33,076.

                                        BP to cut 10,000 jobs amid virus pandemic

                                        BP plans to cut 10,000 jobs from its global workforce after being hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

                                        Man rescued after 6 days down Bali well

                                        A holidaymaker has been rescued after being stuck down a well in Bali for nearly a week.

                                        Jakarta back in business, infections rise

                                        Coronavirus restrictions have eased in Jakarta, with restaurants, shops and transport services returning even though infections have spiked in the country.

                                        Cristobal weakens to tropical depression

                                        Storm Cristobal has weakened to a tropical depression after making landfall in the US and will continue to inundate the northern Gulf Coast.

                                        US troop withdrawal not confirmed: Germany

                                        Berlin hasn't yet received confirmation from Washington about reports the US plans to withdraw thousands of troops from Germany, the defence minister says.

                                        Irwins battle Brady Bunch for TV award

                                        Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin are nominated for two Critics Choice awards for their TV series, Crikey! It's the Irwins.

                                        World Bank: Largest downturn since 1940s

                                        The global economy is set for its largest contraction since the end of World War II and up to 100 million could fall into extreme poverty, the World Bank says.

                                        US troop plans 'shake German relationship'

                                        Berlin hasn't yet received confirmation from Washington about reports the US plans to withdraw thousands of troops from Germany.

                                        Radar reveals splendour of ancient city

                                        For the first time, archaeologists have used ground-penetrating radar to map an entire ancient Roman city, allowing them to explore the site without excavation.

                                        Trump slams Democrats' police reform bill

                                        Democrats have proposed a sweeping overhaul of US police forces and their powers but President Donald Trump has declared: "We won't be dismantling our police."

                                        News from around the world

                                        Stories from around the world overnight.

                                        COVID-19 hits Mexican drug cartels in Aust

                                        Meth and cocaine prices have skyrocketed in Australia as Mexican drug cartels struggle to overcome strict pandemic travel restrictions to smuggle the drugs in.

                                        Conde Nast editor quits over race issues

                                        Bon Appetit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport has resigned after backlash over claims regarding his treatment of people of colour and a photo of him in brown face.

                                        'Some evidence' Madeleine is dead: Germans

                                        A spokesman for a German prosecutor's office say they have some evidence that Madeleine McCann is dead but not her body nor enough for a warrant or a trial.

                                        Pandemic 'far from over' amid record cases

                                        The WHO says the pandemic is far from over as daily cases hit a record high, with the bulk of them from 10 countries, mostly in the Americas and South Asia.

                                        NZ shifts tack to economy in COVID fight

                                        There's no escaping a brutal recession of up to 10 per cent this year according to one New Zealand economist, with a "tourism-sized hole in our economy".

                                        Biden, Trump joust on 'defund police' call

                                        The calls to defund US police have put pressure on Joe Biden and other Democrats as Donald Trump and the Republican party frame it as bending to extremists.

                                        Quake hits off Indonesia's Buru Island

                                        A 6.0 magnitude earthquake has struck south of Indonesia's Buru Island but authorities say there's no tsunami risk.

                                        Samsung heir avoids Korean arrest warrant

                                        A South Korean court has rejected a request for an arrest warrant for Samsung Group heir Jay Y. Lee as part of an investigation into alleged accounting fraud.

                                        US men in Ghosn escape query extradition

                                        The US father and son accused of helping ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn flee Japan have challenged their extradition, saying bail jumping is not a crime in Japan.

                                        Thousands attend Floyd's Houston memorial

                                        Thousands of mourners have attended a final public viewing of George Floyd's casket in his native city of Houston as pressure mounts for US police reform.

                                        New Zealand police rule out carrying guns

                                        Community campaigners have claimed victory with New Zealand police abandoning plans to equip officers on general rounds with guns after a failed trial.

                                        Trump's Hollywood star defaced with 'BLM'

                                        US President Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been defaced by Black Lives Matter supporters, with people uploading images to social media.

                                        Bonnie of Pointer Sisters dies at 69

                                        Bonnie Pointer, the founding member who kicked off the Pointer Sisters by getting her sister to join her in club gigs, has died of cardiac arrest at age 69.

                                        Chauvin's bail raised in brief appearance

                                        The bail for Derek Chauvin, the ex-Minneapolis police officer charged with George Flloyd's murder, has been raised by $US250,000 at a brief court appearance.

                                        France to abandon police chokeholds

                                        France's interior minister has announced police chokeholds will be banned and no longer taught in training following protests over the death of George Floyd.

                                        Johnson: Emotions on race can't be ignored

                                        British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has acknowledged that many anti-racism protesters' concerns are founded on a "cold reality" .

                                        NYC begins reopening as virus rate plunges

                                        After three gloomy months and more than 21,000 deaths, New York City has slowly begun reopening after it was forced to shut down due to the virus pandemic.

                                        Doctor in US-Iran swap arrives in Tehran

                                        An Iranian doctor based in Florida has returned to his homeland after being part of a swap that saw a US Navy veteran held by Iran return to America.

                                        Ruszczyk fiance: Cop looked 'sociopathic'

                                        Don Damond has broken his silence about the death of George Floyd, describing his reaction after watching the horrific police arrest video.

                                        Global protests back Black Lives Matter

                                        Rolling global protests reflect rising anger over police treatment of ethnic minorities, sparked by the May 25 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

                                        Anti-racism protesters in Paris defy ban

                                        Some 23,000 people have demonstrated across France to support the Black Lives Matter movement and protest against police brutality.

                                        Violence returns to Beirut streets

                                        Lebanese anti-government demonstrators gathered in Beirut in defiance of a coronavirus lockdown, to protest against worsening economic and social conditions.

                                        White House, Pentagon tensions peak

                                        US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has made known his regret at having accompanied Donald Trump to a photo opportunity in front of a church near the White House.

                                        Indonesian helicopter crashes, killing 4

                                        Four people out of nine on board an Indonesian army helicopter have been killed when it crashed in central Java, officials say.

                                        Brazil's COVID-19 death toll nearly 36,000

                                        As Brazil's death toll from coronavirus soars towards 36,000, authorities removed months of data about the pandemic's impact on the country from the public.

                                        Taiwan Speaker dead after vote loss

                                        Police in Taiwan say a city council Speaker has been found dead a few hours after the mayor lost a vote against the backdrop of further tensions with China.

                                        Thief fled German supermarket, forgot son

                                        A thief in Germany has ran off after stealing goods from a supermarket but inadvertently left behind a vital clue to his identity - his eight-year-old son.

                                        China reports six new COVID-19 cases

                                        China has recorded six new cases of COVID-19 with five of the new cases involving travellers returning from abroad.

                                        France reports 31 more coronavirus deaths

                                        Nearly 30,000 people have died from coronavirus in France, the fifth-highest toll in the world, but authorities say the epidemic is now under control.

                                        Floyd's brother to testify to Congress

                                        George Floyd's brother Philonise will testify to the US Congress during a hearing on police practices and accountability.

                                        Joe Biden promises to fight against racism

                                        Joe Biden has called on the US Congress to take immediate action to outlaw choke-holds after formally clinching the Democratic presidential nomination.

                                        Global coronavirus cases nearing 7 million

                                        The number of deaths around the world from the novel coronavirus is approaching 400,000 as nearly seven million people have been diagnosed with the disease.

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